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Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System: Transcultural perspectives

The Commission has concluded and VTMH is referenced in Volumes 1 and 3 for the final report, including in a case study.

In May 2020, members of the long established VTMH Reference Group met with Chair of the Royal Commission  Penny Armytage and Commissioner Dr Alex Cockram. This was chance to advocate for a fairer and more just service system. Being more inclusive will be key. 

Firstly, we heard many voices. We listened to people with lived experience and leaders in education and research. Consumer and carer  advocates, community organisations and mental health and multicultural services also spoke.

Secondly, we explored three themes: engaging communities, consumers and carers; workforce development; and governance, data collection and research.   

Finally, we talked about solutions. About ways to create a more culturally safe, responsive mental health service system.

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VTMH Terms of Reference submission

Over the month of January, all Victorians were invited to submit their thoughts on the themes of the Royal Commission to inform the official Terms of Reference. 

Victorian Transcultural Mental Health welcomes the establishment of the Royal Commission into Mental Health and for the opportunity to contribute to the Royal Commission’s Terms of Reference.

We recognise the Royal Commission as an opportunity to hear from and make visible, the lives and experiences of Victorians from diverse communities.

In our submission we advocate for a focus on cultural safety and responding to diversity, inclusive of the mental health impacts of discrimination, whilst recognising the role of families and communities in mental health recovery and care. In addition we encourage the terms of reference to recognise cultural safety and cultural responsiveness as a human right for all Victorians.