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Diversity equity and inclusion

We’ve published a new paper that outlines what it means to put diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) at the heart of a reformed public mental health service system.

This position paper begins by describing VTMH and key considerations regarding culture, intersectionality and mental health practice. It then outlines four areas of enquiry that are proposed as the basis on which to prioritise developing a DEI framework for Victoria’s mental health services. A review of relevant Victorian Government frameworks then follows, before a provisional outline of strategic domains is presented, along with their rationale and planning requirements.

Our key recommendation? Let’s work together, adopt high-level, integrated and strategic approaches and address Victoria’s mental healthcare system as a whole. We’ve identified six important domains:

  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Policy environment
  • Workforce and practice
  • Community engagement and lived experience
  • Knowledge mobilisation

Go to our Reports and Publications page to read and download An Integrated Approach to Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Mental Health Service Provision in Victoria: A Position Paper