Explore our stories to learn more about some of the people and organisations we’ve worked with, the impact of that work and the knowledge gained through our work together.


From those we collaborate with – 5 new videos about VTMH’s work

VTMH supports others by mentoring, providing advice, connecting people to networks, and offering learning opportunities – this makes it easier for people and organisations to understand the issues, find solutions and make changes on their own.

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VTMH and the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System has concluded and transformative change is underway.

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Intersectionality, mental health & COVID-19

Intersectionality is one of the key frameworks that informs VTMH’s work. Creating a mental health system that is responsive to the needs and experiences of all members of the Victorian community, requires us to examine structures and systems and institutional level factors that promote health access and health equity.

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Welcome to the new VTMH website

It’s important to us at VTMH that our programs, services and resources are accessible to you, so that we can continue working together to create healthy connected communities where no one is left behind. The new website is a vital part of that work.

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Spirituality & Diversity Discussion Group 2019

Together with our partner Spiritual Health Association, we co-facilitated a series of reflective sessions for mental health practitioners. The aim of these sessions was to explore and discuss the challenges they encounter when spirituality or religion come up in their practice with consumers.

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Improving your Work with Interpreters

Mental health practitioners now have a new suite of resources to support their work with interpreters.

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