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In response to COVID-19, we're continuing to adapt our operations. View our latest COVID-19 updates.

Welcome to the new VTMH website

It’s important to us at VTMH that our programs, services and resources are accessible to you, so that we can continue working together to create healthy connected communities where no one is left behind. The new website is a vital part of that work.

We continue to work to provide accurate, up-to-date information to help you assist people experiencing mental health issues. You might be working or have an interest in, for example, the public health, human service, education, or community sectors. However when you come to us, we want to make it easy to access resources that help you support the mental health of diverse people, communities and systems.

Through our new website, we invite you to learn more about VTMH services, find specific information you may be looking for, and connect with us for collaboration.

Collaborating, supporting, equipping and advocating — to help you help others.

We hope the new VTMH website gives you improved access to our purpose, how we work, our guiding principles, stories of those we’ve collaborated with – including how we’ve designed theories and practices to co-produce resources, build capacity and translate knowledge – as well as information about our team, news, seminars, webinars and forums you can register to attend, and downloadable and interactive online learning resources. You can also sign up for our newsletters and campaigns.

It also includes more information on our strategic objectives to collaborate, support, equip and advocate, as well as our values of acknowledging responsibility, holding multiple perspectives, advocacy and equity, respect and humility, life-long learning, and collective action.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new website, and to continuing to support you in your important work. 

View the launch video below.