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VTMH and the Victorian Learning Clusters — Working Together in 2017

Over the last 12 months, VTMH has been involved in a number of activities aimed at supporting local efforts to the enhance cultural responsiveness of service providers and increase awareness of VTMH services in the Latrobe Valley region.

VTMH is joining forces with the Victorian Learning Clusters to deliver introductory cultural responsiveness workshops for the mental health service workforce.

“Cultural Responsiveness: Introduction to Principles and Practices” is being offered seven times in 2017 via the North East Cluster (NEVIL), the Southern Cluster (LAMPS), and the Western Cluster Training Calendars.

People working in public mental health services — clinical and community support sectors – are eligible to apply.

Visit the Cluster Training Calendars for more information about eligible services, workshop dates, venues, and how to register.

Southern Cluster (LAMPS)

Thursday 16th March, 2017

Thursday 18th May, 2017

Tuesday, 19th September, 2017 (Dandenong)

Tuesday 4th July, 2017

North East Cluster (NEVIL)

Thursday 30th March, 2017

Thursday 25th May, 2017 (Shepparton)

Western Cluster (CMHL)

Thursday 5th October, 2016

VTMH still offers other education opportunities, including free monthly seminars, forums, online resources, as well as education opportunities provided through organisational partnerships.

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