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Spirituality & Diversity discussions in 2021

In 2021, VTMH and Spiritual Health Association (SHA) held a small webinar attended by approximately 30 participants on the topic of “Spiritual care responses to mental health crisis and recovery – Join the conversation.”  

Subsequently, 5 sessions of peer reflective groups were held. Topics discussed during these sessions included:  

  • “Spiritual identity and positive mental health and wellbeing: What’s the relationship?” 
  • “Understanding spiritual trauma through spiritual care: Where to begin?” 
  • “Back to basics – what is spiritual health and how does it support mental health?” (Coinciding with the lead up to International Spiritual Care Week)  
  • “Spiritual beliefs, values and personal biases: Do they influence my work?” 
  • “Recovery and spiritual care values: Are we talking about the same thing?”

VTMH and SHA look forward to continuing these reflective discussions into 2022.

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