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Diversity and Inclusion and Influencing Change

Welcome to the new podcast series, ‘Speaking from Experience’. This inaugural episode ‘Diversity and Inclusion and Influencing Change’, features Kimberley Wriedt from VTMH speaking with two leaders in diversity and inclusion (D&I) based in health services that are implementing comprehensive cultural responsiveness initiatives in collaboration with VTMH’s Partners in Diversity program.  At any one time, VTMH partners with clinical services, community-managed services and other community agencies to build their capacity to provide culturally responsive mental health care.

You will hear Jen Tobin and Erin Joyce share their experiences of holding D&I leadership roles and reflect on how they approach this work in their respective fields of practice. Some of the themes explored in this interview include, how personal experience informs practice and their motivation in this work, increasing diversity and inclusion in leadership spaces, and how D&I can generate the kinds of organisational change that make a real difference in the lives of consumers and communities.

This podcast series is an exciting new project for VTMH. More episodes will follow in the coming months and ongoing communication with stakeholders will guide the future directions of this project.

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