Podcast Category: Engaging with communities

Diversity of communities, who is left behind?

A lot of diversity exists within communities, not all voices are heard. In this episode, speakers James Lombe Simon and Susan McDonough, explore themes around diversity and person-centred care, the role power plays in decision making, and the significance of pluralism in this work.

Varied Lived Experience: Not one size fits all

Community engagement work should centre lived experience, and focus on how people’s needs and experiences can be unique from each other. In this episode, speakers Niharika Hiremath and Violeta Peterson explore the nuances and paradoxes of centring Lived Experience work, particularly in the context of diversity.

Talking about power in engaging with communities

Power is the capacity of individuals or groups to make decisions or influence the decision-making process. Speakers Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara and Jackie Mansourian explore how critical it is to understand what power imbalances are, how power operates, and how power can be shared in Community Engagement work.