Meet Our Team

Education and Service Development Consultant

Abie Jazi

Hello, I’m Abie. I’m both a psychiatric nurse and a social worker. I also have qualifications in general nursing and midwifery. One of my primary interests is building clinician skills to address cultural and complex needs at the point of admission or during initial assessment in mental health settings.

I have worked as a mental health nurse since 2013 in both acute and community settings, including as a transcultural Recovery Mental Health Clinician at the Mercy Mental Health Wyndham and Saltwater clinics, Associate Nurse Unit Manager at the Monash Health Perinatal Mental Health Unit. I held a VTMH portfolio from 2016 to 2017.

Most recently, I worked as a Social Worker in the Monash Health’s Forensic Mental Health in Community Health Team (FMHiCH) and the Crisis Assessment Team (CAT)

As well as these health roles, I have worked in several educational settings, including:

  • Lecturing in nursing and midwifery at Charles Sturt and Southern Cross universities in NSW
  • As an academic/clinical educator at La Trobe University.

I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to VTMH’s important work.