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Domains where Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) builds capacity for cultural responsiveness


Working with individuals, families and friends, and collectives. These groups may be local, formed by organisations, or based on shared interests and informal ties. Includes supporting communities to talk about mental health and access services.

Working with service providers and government to improve mental health responses to diverse populations. Includes partnerships and projects, and offering advice and consultancy.

Connecting across systems, between communities and institutions, between and within groups. Includes leading and participating in meetings, networks and other forums that facilitate communication and understanding.

Providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of people working in range of areas and also improve their self-awareness and capacity for critical reflection. Includes offering online resources, workshops, supervision, and group-based reflective sessions.

Generating, synthesising, transferring and implementing different kinds of knowledge — experiential, practical & theoretical — that resides in lived experience, practices and discourses. Includes undertaking research studies, evaluations and implementing evidence-based practices.


— Strengthen the wellbeing of communities

— Create a more equitable and socially just service system

— Build bridges between people, groups and systems

— Develop a responsive, reflective mental health workforce

— Share experiences, stories and evidence