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Where can I find translated mental health information?

It is important that mental health information provided to consumers and carers in their first language has been prepared by professional translators to ensure that meaning and context are considered, and translations are accurate. Many terms, acronyms and words cannot simply be translated from English to another language, so only professionally translated materials should be used. 


  • The Health Translations Directory 
    An extensive range of translated health information is available on this easy-to-access directory. The Directory is funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and managed and updated by the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health.
    This site allows a search by language for mental health related material.
  • Beyond
    Beyond Blue offers a range of translated materials for consumers and health professionals, including information for new parents, information on mental health conditions, and translations of the Kessler (K10) assessment form and the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS).

To translate some of your agency’s materials, the following may assist:

  • Mental Health Community Support Services
    ONCALL provides interpreter and translation services to the community mental health sector. At the time of writing, this service has a monthly spending cap and is accessed on a ‘first come, first served basis’. Authorised agencies have a PIN which is quoted when requesting translating or interpreting services through ONCALL. Agencies can find their PIN by telephoning ONCALL on 03 9867 3788.
  • Clinical Services
    Clinical mental health services can access interpreters and translators as required through their internal mechanisms. Ask your manager about the process in your workplace.