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VTMH April Seminar 2024

Not before Time, Lived and Living Experience-led Justice and Repair


Wednesday, 17 April 2024


Online via Zoom
— details to be sent to registrants in advance


3.00pm - 4.00pm



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Simon Katterl (mental health advocate and consultant)



In May 2022, the Department of Health commissioned advice to the Minister for Mental Health on how their government could formally acknowledge harms in the mental health system. The resulting report entitled, “Not before Time, Lived Experience-Led Justice and Repair” contains discussions of significant traumas and gross human rights violations.

Working together with VTMH in this seminar, the co-author of this report, Simon, provides expert insights into the Lived and Living Experience-led justice and repair process as recommended throughout the report.

Simon Katterl

Simon is a mental health advocate and consultant that advises governments, mental health and legal services on human rights, mental health, co-design and regulation. In addition to his studies in law, politics, psychology and regulation, Simon has lived experience of mental health issues and works from this perspective.

Simon previously worked at and advised mental health, human rights, regulatory and legal organisations.

Simon’s research focuses on various aspects of mental health and human rights, including regulating closed environments and the use of compulsory treatment, restorative justice and reparations for human rights breaches, mental health stigma and vilification laws, as well as regulation of digital mental health technologies. He has also written on the workplace rights of the mental health consumer workforce. Simon also publishes work in the Age, the Guardian and other popular outlets.

In 2022, Simon was commissioned by the Department of Health to advise the Minister for Mental Health on what would become the “Not Before Time” report.

VTMH seminars are open to individuals, from all disciplines and working in all sectors, who are based in Australia and interested in diversity and mental health.  

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